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Virtual Worlds

The Next 5000 Days of the Web – Was Kevin Kelly Right

In 2007 Kevin Kelly gave a famous TED talk called “The Next 5000 Days of the Web”. That’s 13.69 years, so we’re right where he …

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Virtual Worlds

What is Reality?

Enough people have mentioned the Simulation to me today that I’m sharing for fun (NOTE: I’m not sure I agree with Elon here – things …

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Virtual Worlds

Building the Metaverse: a Story

This is a rather personal presentation that explains why the Metaverse matters so much and why virtual worlds are central to how we form communities, …

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about us

Billions of Us is a creative collective using virtual reality to improve real life. We exist to rapidly solve wicked problems with maximum impact.

Our team members range from renowned Hollywood directors, hackers, entrepreneurs, game designers, illusionists, and computer scientists.



Reuben Steiger

Reuben Steiger is CEO of Billions of Us where he delights in collecting odd and extraordinary people with unnatural talents and kind souls.  

Sasha Rudie

Sasha has deep experience in machinima, community management, and bespoke 3D content creation. Using her skills in multimedia and user-centric 3D design, she is able to immerce people in virtual places that speak to both their hearts and minds.

Robert Rencarge

Rob has over 30 years experience in finance, insurance, and commercial real estate industries. He has an enterprise background in economics, computer science, and business technology R&D and business software.